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Our speech pathologists and occupational therapists have been specifically trained in a variety of specialty areas that allow for a comprehensive feeding evaluation.

Training includes SOS feeding therapy; training under Catherine Shaker and Debra Beckman; and training in Sensory Integration Disorders

Feeding Evaluation

Signs of a potential Oral Motor concern

"gulpy" swallows gurgling sound coughing
watery eyes when eating or drinking congestion during and following feeding weak or poor suck
liquid or food spilling from mouth fatigue as feeding progresses color change when eating
mouth breathing food refusal multiple swallows on one bite of food
poor chewing food remaining in mouth after swallowing significant drooling
taking limited quantities of food or drink labored breathing when eating gagging when eating

What is a "Picky Eater"

What is a "Problem Feeder?"

Sensory Evaluation

Feeding Therapy